Singapore: Nando’s (Tanglin Mall)

I am ashamed to say that the first Nando’s experience I had was during a work trip to Gold Coast, despite the fact that there are several in Singapore. The only reason why I tried it was after rave reviews from my boss. I got to admit it was really quite good, for a fast food joint. Love the hot peri peri sauce!  That was why I introduced Fat Man to Nando’s in Tanglin Mall after our failed Botanic Gardens trip. Unlike the Nando’s in Australia, the ones here are proper restaurants with wait staff. This sort of sheds its fast food image and make it feel more like a restaurant.

Lemon & Herb Chicken

The menu is quite similar (I think), the only difference I noted was that they don’t offer green salad as a side dish. The staff were pretty friendly and took our orders promptly. I got my usual half grilled chicken with hot peri peri sauce (no sides). Fat man chickened out (excuse my pun) and got the lemon & herb version with 2 sides. For sides, we chose corn on cob and wedges.

When my chicken came, I doused it in more hot sauce before happily digging in. The meat was juicy and tender, I didn’t hesitate to eat with my hands. The lemon and herb version was alright, but the flavor did not stand out as much as the spicy version. The corn was tiny! Enough for one person I suppose. Total bill was a little below $50. Who knew eating chicken could be so expensive? At least it was a good meal. Have been doing some research on peri peri sauce. Will try my hand in making my own grilled peri peri chicken. Soon.


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