Singapore: Brunetti

I have dropped by Brunetti a couple of times during my trips to Melbourne. Each time I felt like a child in a candy store as I was greeted with rows of pastries and fridges filled with gorgeous cakes. Naturally I was very excited when Brunetti opened in Singapore a few years back. However, I never visited it as it was in a rather remote part of town (to me at least). Situated in sleepy Tanglin Mall, I finally got to visit it after my initial lunch with Fat Man at Nando’s.

Clearly, the selection here is alot lesser than that of its Melbourne branch but I ain’t complaining. We chose a cake and coffee each. At the last minute, I also got a salted caramel macaron. Which turned out to be the saving grace. The cakes were quite disappointing, to say the least. My opera cake’s base was very hard, so hard that the layers shifted and part of the mousse fell out. Taste wise, it was nothing spectacular either. I could not differentiate the flavors between the several layers of cake as it was one flat taste. For an $8 cake, I expect alot more.

The flourless orange almond cake Fat Man ordered was quite meh as well. It was quite tough, and doesn’t seem very fresh either. Being very mean people, we sniggered when we saw the neighboring table ordered one as well.The salted caramel macaron was good. Buttery caramel filling went well with the crisp and chewy (on the inside) macaron shell. I gallantly let Fat Man have the last bite. The coffees were decent. Total bill came up to about $30. Not cheap at all. I would stick to the original Brunetti in Melbourne instead.


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