Brisbane: Sights + Attractions

Superb weather in Brisbane, now that it is in autumn. Mild weathers ranging from 19 – 25 (colder at night), you can still walk around in an t-shirt (or with a light jacket if you wish). This is probably one of the best times to come and enjoy the city. Not as flashy as Sydney, not as cool as Melbourne, Brisbane really seems to be second best in everything. One thing I noticed, there are plenty of parks around Brisbane and some weekend markets are held there. Love the running trail on both sides of the Brisbane river. I ran along the river and was treated to fantastic views of the Brisbane skyline, absolutely beautiful. I think that’s one of the best ways to see the city. Fat Man made use of the good weather and whiled his time away next to the river, reading a magazine. Worth mentioning is the bizarre fake beach that is supposed to be part of Brisbane’s attraction. It looks more like a pool with sand inside. Quite sad actually, with a horde of sea gulls standing around. It is a novel idea for sure, but I just didn’t expect it to look so fake.



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