Brisbane: Cirque Cafe

As I only have a precious few weekends in Brisbane, I had to plan my breakfast venues carefully. Touted as one of the best breakfast places in Brisbane, Cirque certainly didn’t disappoint when I visited. I debated whether to go early in the morning to beat the crowds (waiting can be up to an hour, no bookings). Getting up at 730am just got breakfast on a Sunday seemed a little too cruel for me so I slept in and reached at around 930am instead. Luckily, they had a high seat available facing the window, which I didn’t mind since I was alone. The people behind me were not that lucky as the cafe was quickly filled. The service staff are friendly and quick to serve water with the menu.

Scanning through the menu, I started off with a double shot latte as my wake-me-up. Strong and smooth, with no bitter aftertaste. Next, I had one of  the daily specials, omelette with chili corn carne.  Whoa. Portion was huge! The thick omelette was topped with melted cheese, a generous dollop of sour cream and some pickled jalapeños. The concoction of fluffy eggs with minced meat, beans, cheese and sour cream went very well together. I added a side of ham, which was wholly unnecessary but totally delicious. I ploughed through the dish with gusto, washing it down with a freshly squeezed orange and pineapple juice. The atmosphere is lively and busy, definitely not a place for you to sit down for hours whilst you have a leisurely breakfast. I reckon weekdays would be much quieter though.


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