Brisbane: Alfred & Constance

If there is only 1 restaurant you have time for in Brisbane, this is THE place to come. Opened since November last year, this place created some hype when they decided to be open till late AND 7 days a week. A big thing for Brisbane restaurants apparently, as they usually do 6 days and close by 10. This place is quite self sufficient. Start off at their Vanguard Beer Garden & Restaurant and have your dinner with some cocktails. Share a dessert with your friend at their dessert bar. Party into the night at the White Lightning Tiki Bar and continue with the drinks!

The reason I am raving about this place is that the food is really really good. Like seriously good. In my 3 week stay in Brisbane, I went there 5 times and tried about 50% of the menu.  I came once to test out the food before Fat Man arrived, and I am glad I did. I ordered ribs, which came with a side of potato salad and steamed greens. The meat was so tender and well marinated. The potato here is firmer than the usual ones and come with slices of tiny gherkins which I heart!  The mains are particularly impressive, my favorite is beef and pork.The interesting thing about A&C is that they sell their meats by weight. Apparently, this was how the restaurants in the old days work. Customers will order by weight and pay accordingly.I came with Fat Man on a Thursday night and it was a little more than half full. I would recommend reservations for weekends. The ambiance is noisy and vibrant. We ordered a lot of food. Fat Man gave this place 2 thumbs (and 2 toes) up. I won’t go into every detail but particularly outstanding mains and starters include roast pork, beef fillet, roasted leg of lamb, calamari and scotched egg. After seeing the whole pig sitting in the kitchen area, I knew this was something we had to order. The roast pork was full of flavors and the crunchy pork crackling left us wanting more. My medium rare beef fillet was also cooked perfectly and served with djion mustard. I think that they use fresh calamari here instead of the frozen variety as they taste alot fresher. One thing I really like about this place is that their desserts were just as competent. Even though we were full to the brim, we could not resist ordering their desserts. I went for waffles with hazelnut semi freddo while Fat Man had lemon polenta cake. Woah. I subsequently tried chocolate sour cream cake and victoria sponge cake, which were very decent as well. A&C menu changes seasonally. The one I tried was autumn, the new winter menu is out. Can’t wait to come back again soon! 


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