Brisbane: Snag Stand

I was strolling around Queen Street Mall one evening and I chanced upon Snag Stand at the basement of Queens Plaza. Touted to be “haute dogs” using gourmet hand crafted sausages from artisan butchers in Australia, I thought I had to give it a go. You have a choice of building your own hot dog or ordering the ones concocted by Snag Stand. I chose Toulouse, which came with Berkshire pork sausage, grilled onions, rosemary mushrooms and truffle aioli on a brioche roll. All hot dog buns are made to order. After about 12 minutes, I was presented with my steaming dog. Yum. Although the truffle aioli wasn’t too obvious, the sausage was really good. You could tell that it wasn’t those overly processed type that’s made of mystery meat and other non-meat stuff. I also love the fluffy brioche bun that was lightly toasted. After having this, it is hard to go back to a mediocre hot dog bun sold on the streets!

When Fat Man visited, we came by again but was disappointed to find out they were out of everything except chicken and pork sausages. It was only six in the evening then. Without much of a choice, we shared the German Bratwurst, which used the same pork sausage, sauteed onions and mustard. We also ordered a side of chilli cheese fries. Fat Man gave thumbs up for the dog and demolished his share in no time. The chilli cheese fries were okay, though I would prefer the cheese to be melted instead. Although the portion was small, it made a decent side to our dog. Slightly pricier than your usual dogs, but for the quality, I will definite come back and try the items on the menu.


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