Gold Coast: Justin Lane Pizzeria & Bar

I got to know about this place through an article in Urban List. The article recommended several restaurants. Knowing that pizza is one of Fat Man’s favourite, I decided to try out Justin Lane at Burleigh Heads. As we had a very long day, I could tell that Fat Man was a little reluctant to venture out of Surfers Paradise for dinner. I refuse to settle for Nandos, and dragged him to the car. Despite not using a map, it was relatively easy to navigate our way there. Just hit Gold Coast Highway from Surfer’s Paradise and go straight till Burleigh, about 20 minutes drive away. We arrived at 6pm on Saturday night and the place was already full! Unbelievable. Refusing to wait as we were exhausted and hungry, we sat at the bar (menu is same as that of the restaurant). I proceeded to order a flat white in an attempt to wake myself up. Water was also promptly served.

I heard that the seafood pizza here is particularly awesome, but Fat Man is not a fan of seafood pizzas so we got a spicy pepperoni. For sides, we got caprese and pork and fennel meatballs. The meatball portion was big! Unlike the others I have tried before, the meatballs here are not bathed in tomato sauce. However, they were not plain. Instead, they were bursting with of fennel seeds, parsley and other spices. With food in his tummy, Fat Man was visibly less lethargic. Our caprese was also a crowd pleaser. The ingredients were very fresh and served chilled, and drizzled with good quality balsamic vinegar. We waited in anticipation for our pizza to arrive, at the same time spying at what other tables were having. The pizza came piping hot, evidently fresh from the oven. The pepperoni slices were very thickly cut, and more spicy than we expected. I like spicy food, so it went down well for me. Fat Man had a little trouble eating his share though, although he loved it as well. The crust of the pizza was very well made. Similar to Motorino, the crust here is also charred, but not as badly charred as the the famous NY pizza joint. In fact, I think I like this one better. I also love the tomato base, which tasted very fresh and went well with the toppings. Prices here are very reasonable, and the total bill only came up to $66. We left the restaurant with a very full tummy, happy and satisfied.


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