Brisbane: Ristorante Tartufo

It was Fat Man’s last night in Brisbane and he wanted to try out the Italian restaurant next to Emporium Hotel. Honestly, I was slightly reluctant as I had a lousy encounter with their waiter a few nights back. I went there to get some takeaway, and the rude waiter turned his nose up at me and said they don’t do takeaway. Okayyyyyyy. No big deal. I went to Grill’d and got a perfectly good burger for dinner. Anyway, we went there for dinner. There wasn’t much customers. The choices are limited to me, as I felt like having pasta. In the end, I chose the linguine ai funghi tartufati ie linguine with “wild and cultivated mushrooms”. Well it tastes like normal mushroom linguine to me. Fat Man originally wanted to get rabbit ragu, but last minute decided to get fresh pea pasta instead. To be fair, the pea pasta don’t taste bad, just bland. The pasta was already tossed with pea puree, but they added more whole peas together with pancetta and onion. However, the overwhelming amount of peas overtook the whole flavor of the pasta. Simply, the whole dish tasted like pea and nothing else. The caprese we ordered was also mediocre, nothing compared to the version we ate at Justin Lane. The carpaccio was decent though. However, I don’t think I will go back again. For such steep prices and quality of food, I would rather have a burger at Grill’d any day.


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