Brisbane: Shucked Coffee House

Mentioned in New York Times as one of the things to do during 36 Hours in Brisbane, this was one place Fat Man and I had to try. We were lucky to be living nearby (Emporium is just a 12 minutes walk away). Hidden amongst car dealers at Creswell Street, it is a retro style cafe with mismatched cutlery and furniture. We drove over at 9-ish on a Saturday morning and the place was already quite full. Luckily we got perched at a (very) low table within minutes. Reservations can only be made for big groups. If there is just 2 or 3 of you, just have to try your luck.

Despite the cooling weather, I felt like having an ice coffee. That was a mistake. I didn’t expect it to come with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream. Nevertheless, it was a thoroughly delicious treat. I wish the coffee was stronger and less milky though. Fat Man got a large size flat white. For breakfast, I chose Smokey & the Bandit, which consisted of smoked salmon and scrambled egg on toasted baguette. Fat Man decided to have French Kiss, which is Shucked’s version of french toast. When our food came, Fat Man had a serious case of food envy after seeing mine. A heaping stack of fluffy scrambled eggs and wood smoked salmon carefully piled on top of a bed of fresh baby spinach and butter baguette. After a sprinkle of lemon, I proceeded to tuck in. The flavors went very well together. I made a mental thought to try making this at home next time. Fat Man’s french toast came with crispy bacon, caramelised banana and toffeed nuts. The intoxicating smell of maple syrup, egg and banana was irresistible. I stole a few bites, loving mix of salty and sweet. The portions here are quite generous although Fat Man had no problems finishing up everything. Service is efficient, but be prepared to wait for your food when the cafe is busy.


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