Paris: Pierre Hermé vs Ladurée

Being in Paris, eating macarons are a must nowadays. What is better than to try the two most famous macaron brands Pierre Hermé and Ladurée? In order to get a box, a minimum purchase of 7 macarons is required for PH. Single macarons are at €1.95 each. A box of 7 cost €17. Being a typical woman, I didn’t notice the obvious price hike and got a box of 7 as (usually) buying more means its cheaper. I forget that this is Paris and they usually charge €3 for a box. Go figure. Worst part is, I bought the 7 piece with box twice. -_____-“”

It was good. Very good! Thanks to a much dryer climate in Paris, the macaron shells were really crisp on the outside and slightly chewy inside. The perfect macaron. My favourite is definitely rose, olive oil and milk chocolate. These flavours were very delicate, yet definite.  Some of the new flavours arent that good though. I can’t quite remember the specific flavor, but I recall that the ones with yoghurt were definitely not too good. They were too sour and moist, making the shells soft as well. One thing to note, the macarons manage to stay crisp despite being left out (instead of in the fridge) after 2 days and I thought that was pretty impressive.

I got my Ladurée macarons in Printemps, which is pretty much where I hang out when I can. Anyway, that’s besides the point. Back to the macarons, I only got 4 as I tried Ladurée before when they had a pop up store in Hong Kong a couple of years back. I am quite amused by the strawberry candy flavoured macaron (top left), which is a seasonal flavor. With its sticky filling, and candy like taste (abit artificial), it really reminds me of a chewy candy. However, I prefer the rose macaron at PH as compared to Ladurée as it simply tastes better. The macaron shells here are also not as crisp as PH. Despite their more than hundred years history, I think PH wins with the crisp shell and more flavorful macaron.


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