Paris: La Cuisine De Chez Moi

This is the best chinese place I found during my time in Paris. There was another place that was nearly as good called Carnet De Voyage. That was the first chinese place I visited in Paris, and I got so upset when the restaurant shut it doors for the whole month as the chef went back to China for a cooking competition. Thinking that I will have no supply of rice for the rest of the month, I nearly went mad. Fat Lady is a rice person! Fat Man can attest to that as he often calls me a piece of rice.

Some tell tale signs of a good restaurant. Firstly, its full of people (ok this one is not always a foolproof method). Secondly, the whole place smells so good. The smell of cooking in La Cuisine makes me hungry. So far, everything I tried there is good, especially the ribs. The owner is friendly, but be prepared to wait for a seat or for takeaway unless you arrive early.


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