Innsbruck: Restaurant Litchblick

The big boss bookmarked this restaurant as one of the places to dine during our stay in Austria. Located on the top floor of a mall, diners will get a great view of the alps from the restaurant. Bar 360, which is just opposite the restaurant has a paranomic 360 degrees. Even though the building isn’t too high (7 floors), the view was still beautiful during sunset. I tried Hugo, which is made of Prosecco, lime, syrup and mint. This refreshing cocktail is very similar to a Mojito. We had drinks at the bar before heading over to the restaurant for dinner.

Love the breads they serve here, which is more like a savory muffin. Their horseradish dip was the favourite on our table. For entree, I had the trio of tuna with cream of avocado and grilled prawn. The tuna was done 3 ways: seared, sashimi and tatare. This dish was very good, and ingredients were super fresh, though I thought that the cream of avocado was quite tasteless. For mains, I had the roast chicken with asparagus. The chicken was tender and juicy, and went very well with the mix of white and green asparagus. The lemon tart was not bad, though the sorbet was a little tasteless. Portions here reasonably big, unlike the usual pretentious high end restaurants. Still, I managed to squeeze some space to sample my colleague’s cheese selection. Yums. This place is definitely a worth a visit for any one dropping by Innsbruck. Reservations are recommended.




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