Kitzbühel: Gasthof Melkalm Kitzbühel

We had the chance to dine on top of the mountains one afternoon during our conference. As the weather was rather erratic, raining every now and then, many people opted to lunch in town instead. As such chances are rare for me, I braved the weather and went up with some colleagues. Sitting in the cable car while it slowly ascends, I spotted a deer in the fields and pointed excitedly like a kid. “Deer! Deer! Deerrrrrr!!” I think my European colleagues were more amused by me than the animal prancing on the field. The cable car ride took about 15 minutes. Next, we proceeded to walk to the restaurant, which was about 20 minutes away. The road was slightly slippery due to the rain and thus we walked slowly down slope to our destination. Along the way, we saw a herd of cows grazing idly.

The restaurant was perched on one of the cliffs and customers dining outdoors will have a fantastic view of the mountain scenery. However, the rain forced us to eat indoors instead. The restaurant had a very homely feel and was run by a husband and wife team who were super friendly, but spoke little English. Having German colleagues really come in handy as they translated the items on the menu in no time. I got a soup and cheese sausages with fries. Frittaten suppe  is actually a soup made with leftover pancakes. This soup was perfect for the cold rainy weather and effectively warmed me up. The taste was very familiar, though I can’t quite place it. The cheese sausages wrapped with bacon was slightly too salty but paired with fries, it was a hearty meal nevertheless. The prices are very decent (as compared to town area). If there is a chance, I would love to come back again.


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