Singapore: Bangkok Jam (JEM)

I was away for most of June so I wasn’t caught up in the hype of the new mall opening in Jurong East ie JEM. I am not sure what is the big deal about it after walking around once. The draw is just that there are some brands here, which you will usually find in town area only. It is really a personal thing whether you like seeing TopShop or Marks & Spencer in suburbs. I guess it will only be something new if I ever see LV or Chanel opening in suburbs. Hopefully never.

Anyway, we didn’t intend to stay long in the mall as we were carrying quite a lot of things. Not wanted to have another food court meal, I asked mom to choose a restaurant of her liking. She picked Bangkok Jam. We tried Bangkok Jam years ago when they first opened in Great World City. The experience was unmemorable. Sad to say, this experience was just as bad. First, lets talk about the service. The restaurant hired a lot of wait staff. Due to their obvious inexperience, they are mostly standing around waiting for customers to wave at them. Nobody will take the initiative to clear empty plates or refill empty cups. The pomelo and shrimp salad was a little too drenched in sauce for my liking. Salty! The fried prawn cakes looked a sorry sight. Small, misshapen mounds stuck with a lemongrass stick. To be fair, they taste alright.

The mains didn’t fare very well either. My minced chicken stir fried with basil was salty and not spicy at all. On a side note, the rice was cooked very well though. Mom’s pad Thai was cooked in the same spicy Thai chilli dip used for the prawn cakes. Terrible! Our cutlery were cleared away before dessert was served. When the sticky tapioca came, the manager asked a waiter to get us some forks. He said ok and dug around the drawer for quite some time. Suddenly, he turned to me and said “Actually, what do you want ah?” EH?????? -___-” The people here really need to wake up their ideas soon.


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