Singapore: Lucha Loco

I have seen so much awesome reviews about this place and how authentic the Mexican food served here is. Naturally, it made my hopes very high when I made J come here on a very last minute basis (we were supposed to go Cajun Kings). When I reached at about 7 in the evening, the place was already buzzing with activity. I was given a seat in the outdoor area as the waitress said there were no indoor tables available. I ordered a strawberry magarita, which was very good and strong. Yums. Subsequently, I was invited to sit inside. That’s when I noticed that most of the 2-seaters were empty. With the no-reservation policy in place, I wondered why can’t I be shown to the table straight away?

Anyway, I ordered a serving of corn chips, which came with very awesome guacamole that both J and I devoured. The grilled corn was very good but extremely expensive. $8 for half a corn???? That’s quite a rip-off. I made a mental note to find out the ingredients so that I can replicate this at home. For $8, I can probably get at least 5 full size corns (I think). We ordered 3 tacos which we unfortunately didn’t quite like. Tacos range between $10 – $12.The meat in the lamb taco (which was supposed to be one of the specials) had a very strong gamey taste which we can’t quite withstand. To think that I am a big fan of mutton and lamb. I told J that if the taste was any stronger I would have spit it out. Argh. The chorizo and beef taco tasted pretty much like the beef taco. J thought that the beef taco had a slightly bitter taste to it (which I didn’t detect) but I just thought in general the meat was too dry and not flavorful enough. The chorizo quesadillas was only average. The massive plate of ribs was easily the best dish of the night. Very well marinated with smokey bbq flavors and very tender. For $36 per plate, the pricing was still considered reasonable.

In general, we were quite disappointed with our (very expensive) dinner as only 3 dishes made the mark. Service was alright and the place gets pretty noisy later in the night. Great atmosphere for a group gathering and a night of fun. Not too sure if I will be back again, but I will definitely order the ribs if I do.



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