Hong Kong: Urban Bakery

Touting to use A.O.C. grade ingredients for their croissants, Urban Bakery is a French bakery to be taken seriously. A.O.C. stands for appellation d’origine contrôlée, which is a French certification granted to certain French geographical indications for wines, cheeses, butters and other agricultural products. In other words, if you have A.O.C. grade ingredients, it pretty much means you are using some awesome stuff to make your food (at least according to French standards).

I know that Urban Bakery has seasonal flavors of croissanwich (ie croissant sandwich) and burgers up for offers. Being a sucker for seasonal (or limited edition) items, I got Fat Man to call up the bakery on Saturday morning to find out what is the seasonal item available. We were told it was the wagyu burger and decided to order one for afternoon tea break. At HKD100 per burger, only 10 is available daily. Hence, it is best to call up and order before you head down. They are very flexible with the timings as they make it upon payment. Sadly, the person preparing the burger wasn’t very good at cooking it as she managed to burn the burger patties twice (the first time was quite bad so I refused to accept it). Served on a toasted brioche burger bun (homemade of course) with chopped mushrooms and breadcrumbs, it was pretty darn good! We parked at a roadside and wolfed down the burger in no time.

Happily, they just took out a new batch of croissants when I was collecting the burger. I hurriedly joined the queue and managed to snag an almond croissant. Should have bought 2 instead! Buttery, flaky and crispy, this was nicer than the ones I tried in France (could be because I went to all the lousy places too). I will definitely return to try their chocolate croissant as well as other baked goods soon. On a side note, Fat Man thinks their butter cake is decent as well. He didn’t leave any for me. 😦



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