Hong Kong: Hidden Kitchen (秀殿)

I want to come here but was hesitant to wait or queue for a long time for my food. I love eggs and all sorts of egg related dishes. Hence, an authentic omurice with thick slab of egg omlette and demi-glace sauce sounds absolutely delicious to me. I figured that the only way to prevent having to wait was to arrive a little before the restaurant opens. That worked, as we were one of the first few customers on Saturday. Scanning the lunch menu, I immediately decided on my omurice with demi-glace. Fat Man took a little longer as usual, but finally decided on the chicken with homemade tartare sauce.

Our sets came with a clear onion soup, green salad and a drink. I noticed on Open Rice that they used to serve a small scoop of potato salad with the greens but no longer! At least the lettuce was crisp and  fresh. The coffee ice cubes were a nice touch for the iced coffee. I like the omurice! The omelette was steaming hot and runny in the middle. Mix the glace, egg and tomato fried rice and eat. YUM! When Fat Man’s dish came, he was sorely disappointed to be served braised chicken instead of fried. (We were quite sure the picture showed fried chicken with a dollop of tartare sauce on top but then didn’t bothered to confirm that.) I like the tartare sauce as it was very fresh and tangy. However, I admit that fried chicken would have matched the sauce much better than the braised ones. I will come back and try the omu rice with seafood sauce next time, but steer clear of the chicken (although the neighboring table had fried seafood with rice that looked quite good).

According to Fat Man, nobody answers the phone in this place. Possibly because he calls at the wrong time. Take note that their opening hours are only 12pm – 230pm and 6pm – 1030pm. No reservations for lunch. Due to the size of this place, large group gatherings may not be possible here. There was a lady before us asking for a table for 13 people. I think she was politely rejected as we never saw her group dining in the restaurant after that.


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