Hong Kong: Patisserie Uriwari (瓜破)


This place doesn’t have a shop front and does online sales only. I thought that was the clever way to go, since shop rental prices in Hong Kong is totally ridiculous. They work out of a production workshop somewhere in Kwai Chung (outskirts of HK). How this works is simple: go to their web page and order the cakes, then choose the delivery method. You can either collect it yourself, at any MTR of your choice (additional cost of HKD10, but get a  5% off if you collect from Kwai Chung station), or delivery (minimum charges applies). Payment is by cash only.

I ordered 4 cakes to be collected at Admiralty MTR. The delivery guy was very punctual and collection was relatively pain free.  I tried Hana (花) which means flower. The pretty cake is shaped like a flower (obviously) and comprises of super light cherry blossom liquor mousse, chocolate, mixed berry jam and a layer of almond cake. The flavours were very delicate (can’t quite taste the liquor in the mousse though) and went very well together. I heart! Fat Man took the rest of the cakes to be share with his colleagues. He ate Uriwari’s version of Mont Blanc (ie Kuri) and found the tart shell to be too hard (same complaints as some reviewers online). His secretary raved about the green tea cake (En) and totally loved it. There wasn’t much comments about the ginger lemon tart (Shoga) except that the ginger flavor was distinct.

I will definitely be ordering more from Patisserie Uriwari in future and looking forward to their new flavors. Do note that some flavors of the whole cakes are not available in individual slices.



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