Hong Kong: The Dining Room (南小館)


The last few times I went past this place it was always filled with people waiting in line during dinner. In addition, the reviews of this place has always been not bad. Hence, I came to the conclusion that I have to try out this place as an alternative to the ever popular Din Tai Fung. Sadly, it was not up to my expectations.

I went to The Dining Room at Hysan Place around noon and Fat Man was already seated. The place was only half full but buzzing with activity. We ordered quickly, as we each had our own cravings to satisfy. The noodles were not very well cooked, or perhaps left aside for too long. They were hard and stuck together. In addition, there was too little sesame sauce in my noodles, so half way through I was really just eating a pile of tasteless and dry noodles. Fat Man felt that his noodles were too spicy but I thought it was ok, though it was the same problem. Even having soup did not help to soften them.


The trio of pot stickers were prettily arranged to show a fan of crispy bits but they were way too oily. What’s worse, the filling included shrimp, which was totally unauthentic. I much prefer the simple mix of chives and pork. The wontons in spicy chilli oil also had shrimp inside, and the sauce more salty than spicy. Our appetizer platter fared much better, even though the “saliva”chicken (literal translation) wasn’t good at all. We agreed that the best dish of the meal was actually the stir fried kai lan. Disappointed with our lunch, I didn’t bother to try their desserts. By the time we left the place, there was a bunch of diners waiting to outside. Can’t imagine why this place is so popular. Moral of the story: crowded places do not equate to good food.



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