Singapore: Burnt Ends

Burnt Ends was one of the new restaurants opening in the recent months which I was dying to try. We tried a variety of dishes and there were some hits and misses. The restaurant doesn’t take reservations after 630. Hence, if you are able to reach early, it is best to make a reservation. As we were unable to get off work that early, we reached at about 740pm. There was no table available till about 830. Meanwhile, we sat at the side and had a beer and some entrees. The menu changes on a daily basis, but there are some dishes that will be there on a constant basis. We heard rave reviews about the smoked quail eggs and decided to order both the quail eggs with caviar and without to see the difference. The smoked quail egg with caviar was actually a single serving with a teaspoon of caviar on top. That was $8. Whereas for $6, we get 5 smoked quail eggs without caviar. It goes without saying which is more worthwhile. Moreover. the bit of caviar did not make a huge difference to the dish. We did not quite like the fish skin with roe. The combination just did not taste good.


The pulled pork burger (sanger) was very good. In fact, it was one of the best I ever had. At $20 for a (small) burger with zero sides, that was expensive, but at least it was good. I can easily polish 2 off myself. Finally, we had a table ready for us. We skimmed through the menu again decided on the beef with bone marrow (which practically every table ordered). veal tongue and duck hearts, which was the server’s recommendation. There was a beef rib dish on the menu that cost a whopping $390. I had to ask the server to confirm the price. She explained that it was a mammoth serving for 4 and is wagyu beef rib. We spied a table of 3 (who look like bankers) ordering the rib. It didnt look very big. Besides, after cooking, the meat shrinks and the rib bone already weighs a fair bit. Definitely not worth the money! I guess it feeds 3 nicely, and maybe even feeds both me and J if we don’t order anything else. Pfft.


I must admit that our beef was very good. It was done just right with a hint of smoky flavor from the cool grill and oven they had custom built. This is definitely something worth coming for. The duck hearts were very interesting, and pretty raw from the looks of it. However the taste was not as scary as it looks. It was very tender and a little gamey, but if you are the type who ain’t squeamish about eating innards, this is something you should try. The veal tongue was good as well, but the bottoms were abit to charred and hard though. I will possibly come back again if I have a craving for pulled pork burger and awesome beef. Meanwhile, let me continue sampling the other new restaurants that opened recently…


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