Hong Kong: Mansons Lot


We had quite some time to kill on Sunday as I was on a late flight back to Singapore. Hence, we decided to give Cafe Deadend a try, only to be greeted by 6 people waiting in line to get in. There was no way we were going to wait in the summer heat and be a meal for mosquitos. So we left and headed to Mansons Lot in Wanchai.

This new cafe is tucked inside Swatow Street, which has a random mix of shops from hardware stores to a parrot shop (as in a shop that sells parrots…). We only wanted to escape the heat and have a coffee, so didn’t really bother with their food menu. I chose their iced black coffee and asked for a side of milk. The female server politely suggested an iced latte instead, which I declined as I didn’t want to take in a full cup of milk. She must think that I am too cheap or something. Then I ordered Fat Man’s affogato. She giggled. Eh?? I gave Fat Man a questioning look, not quite sure what the joke was. I found that quite rude actually.

Anyway, the coffee we had was quite mediocre and maybe bordering bland. With so many coffee places sprouting out in Hong Kong, competition is stiff. We will be taking our coffee elsewhere in future.


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