Hong Kong: Sen Ryo (IFC Mall)

During my days of working in Hong Kong, I ate enough at the Sen Ryo in Elements Mall for me to get invitations to Sen Ryo members’ tasting sessions. The food was very decent (and I am a very boring person). I think my record was to eat Sen Ryo for 5 days in a row. This place is a perennial favourite for me as I like sushi in general, and it serves as a light meals especially on days when I work late.

Sen Ryo is one of the many sushi chains in Hong Kong. I have been to several different branches and feel that they serve consistently good and fresh sushi plus sashimi. They have a decent selection of sushi, with lots of seasonal extras. There are also other recommended items on their menu such as the sashimi salad, deep fried oysters and brownie with ice cream (Love this!). It is worth getting the membership card (have to spend a certain amount within a limited period of time) as you can accumulate points on the card which can be used reduce your bill amount in your next visit. Of course, you will also get invites to their tasting sessions and other exclusive members’ only events. In my recent visit to Hong Kong, I had a late lunch in Sen Ryo at IFC. It was awesome as usual, and I loved the seasonal striped jack mackerel sashimi. The best part? No queuing at all!



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