Hong Kong: Uno Duo Trio

I really want to like this place. I have seen so many Hong Kong food bloggers raving about the food here. However, Fat Man’s friends who have visited the place commented that this place was way overpriced and served mediocre food. Hence, to limit our (potential) losses. I chose to try it out during Restaurant Week. Then again, Restaurant Week didn’t make it much cheaper since the lunch came up to nearly HKD600. Absolutely ridiculous, for the quality we got. From the fixed menu, we chose the scrambled eggs with parma ham and tuna and potato cake as starters. It is a little odd to have scrambled eggs as starters as this was often a breakfast or brunch item for us. It came in an unappetizing mess of red which really didn’t appeal to us.  We tried it anyway, there wasn’t much egg taste in that, as the tomato sauce thingy overpowered the whole dish. Fat Man ate half and left it aside. The tuna and potato fish cake was not nice. I don’t think the two were a good match, and there wasn’t much potato taste to begin with. Due to the huge amount of black pepper in the dish, I was pretty much eating a fishy, peppery (not to mention also greasy) cake of something. As I was trying the side salad, I found a COOKED FLY in it. Wow. That was some thing new. We returned the dish, pointing to the dead (but thoroughly cooked) insect. The waiter apologised profusely, saying that he will let the kitchen know about this.

Next came the white bean (I think) soup with onions. It was quite tasteless. Fat Man’s soup had a drizzle of olive oil but mine didn’t. They probably forgotten about it. No big deal, since it was very plain and not quite what I expected. We did not finish the soup. Our mains arrived shortly, homemade pasta with bolognese sauce and chicken stew (sort of). It was quite clear that the meat used in the bolognese sauce was not very good quality (it would be a HUGE pity if it really is good quality since it tastes really poor), and quite fatty. Also, they use cheap mozzarella powder instead of real mozzarella. Epic fail. The chicken fared much better, and went really well with the mushrooms. Still, it wasn’t mind blowing.

The owner / manager was very apologetic about the fly incident and gave us complimentary dessert as compensation. She also often checked on us to ensure the food was okay and even offered to heat up the pasta again as we took a long time to finish it. Ironically, the desserts here were the stars of the whole meal. The tiramisu was very yummy and the panna cotta was silky smooth. Good end to an otherwise lacklustre meal. Total bill came up to HKD500+. Fly incident aside, it is unlikely we will return since the food was really not good enough to impress us to try other items on the menu.



2 thoughts on “Hong Kong: Uno Duo Trio

  1. So interesting to hear Hong Kong has Restaurant Week too. Here in Southern California, many of the counties have it (Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego) and even some of the larger cities host their own. Sorry the food wasn’t very good for what you paid. I’ve had a few cruddy meals at Restaurant Week, myself!

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