Hong Kong: Yuen Hing Tea Stall (源興茶檔)

Staying in Sheung Wan during my last trip to Hong Kong meant checking out the cha chaan tengs in that area as well. With a wide selection of breakfast items available around the area (usually), there is really no need to waste your time eating lousy breakfasts in hotels when you are in Hong Kong. Yuen Hing is located on top of a wet market and is sharing the area with a few other dai pai dongs and cha chaan tengs. The area is clean and slightly air conditioned. We chose to eat at Yuen Hing at random. It was so good that we went back again during our stay in that area.

Particularly worth mentioning is their milk tea, which was very, very good. Thick, strong and milky. The perfect milk tea. According to Fat Man, their iced yuen yueng is very good as well. We lovede their french toast here, which was perfectly fried and filled with kaya, as well as a good drizzle of condensed milk on top. Wow. So so good! The version here suits Fat Man as he doesn’t like peanut butter in his french toast. The french toast here is also the fluffiest we ever had. Another dish worthy of mention is the instant noodles with pan fried chicken chop. Juicy chicken chop with (still) crispy skin is an awesome combination with instant noodles. We finished everything, skin and all. Will we be back again? Most definitely.


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