Hong Kong: Choi’s Kitchen (私房蔡)

This is my second time back at Choi’s Kitchen. Like everybody else that mentioned it, their sweet and sour pork is really really really good. At least, I like it heaps. Bite size pieces of pork lightly battered and deep fried till crisp, quickly tossed with the sweet and sour sauce. Their sauce has the right amount of sweet and tang which makes me come back for more. Fat Man thinks that it is indeed good, but it is such a staple in HK that it is not difficult to find a good (and cheaper) version elsewhere.

The staff also recommended salt and pepper squid, which looked quite bland as it wasn’t fried till golden brown. We were greatly mistaken. The fresh squid was quite flavorsome, with bits of fried shallots, spring onions and chili. We also love the claypot kang kong, which came piping hot. Totally delicious. We happily down the dishes with rice. One thing I wouldn’t recommend here is the steamed prawns. At a whopping HKD90 per prawn The dish came up to half the price of the total bill!!!! Totally ridiculous when it was nothing special at all. I could have made this at home myself. Other than that, all was good. Staff here are pretty friendly. Reservations definitely recommended, unless you are prepared for a long long wait.


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