Hong Kong: Dim Sum Square (聚點坊點心專門店)

We had an early lunch at Dim Sum Square as my last meal in Hong Kong during my August trip. I have been here before quite a few years back and am pleased that they are still hanging around. Located in Sheung Wan, the tiny shop was only half full when we dropped by on a Sunday mid-morning. The best dish of the meal was definitely the steamed rice with ribs and chicken feet. Every grain of rice was cooked perfectly and coated with the yummy gravy that came with the toppings. Gosh. This dish alone is worth my coming back again and again. In fact, it reminds me of the one in Sweet Dynasty (糖朝) which my parents loved so much. Sadly, their standards have dropped drastically. Now I can bring them here instead!


We had the usual shrimp dumplings (har gao) and siew mai. The siew mai was too fatty for my liking, but the har gao was okay.


Out of curiosity, I order spring rolls cheong fan, which was literally fried spring rolls wrapped in cheong fan. The portion was huge! The concept was quite interesting, almost like a deluxe version of my favourite youtiao wrapped in cheong fan (炸两). The spring rolls were a little oily though, so I didn’t manage more than 3 pieces. Fat Man wasn’t too interested in it once he saw coriander inside. Tsk. The ham sui kok here were decent, though the best I had so far were definitely the ones from Fook Lam Moon.



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