Singapore: Communal

A flurry of new restaurants opening has left me with a long to-go list. Spoilt for choices, I usually go for the ones that interest me most. Given that there is always somewhere new (or interesting) to try, it takes a fair bit to impress me enough to return a second time. Since Fat Man is in town, I thought to bring him to a new place which we both can try out. After deliberating over a few choices, we settled for Communal, which is supposed to be a new american restaurant, whatever that means. There seems to be quite a few new american restaurants popping out here and in Hong Kong. Notably there is Stone Nullah Tavern in Hong Kong, which I have yet to try out.

Communal is along North Canal Road and in a decent location for people in CBD to drop by after work for drinks/ dinner. The restaurant was full when we came on a Friday night. We started off with a drink each, peach soda for me and iced tea for Fat Man. The drinks were nothing to shout about. We pored through the menu and quickly decided on lobster mac & cheese, as well as the CBD burger for mains. I must say that I read through a few reviews of this place and thought the the lobster mac & cheese looked like my kind of dish to have. For sides, we picked cornbread with honey butter and smoked potato puree. The little crescents of cornbread had a sprinkle of chargrilled corn which Fat Man gobbled quickly. It was not bad, I think I can make it at home if I want to. The smokey potato puree was alright. It somehow reminded me of the smoked quail eggs I had with J at Burnt Ends. Perhaps smoked mashed potato would have been better?

We both liked the burger very much. With bacon, fried egg and cheese in it, it is hard for the burger to go wrong. There was a distinct taste to it, though I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is. I felt that it came from the bun (some kind of herb?) but Fat Man thought it was the bacon. Anyway, I heard rave reviews about the lemon tart here, and felt that we have to try it since Fat Man loves lemon anything. That was a decent tart, and I especially love the pine nuts in the tart crust. That being said, I am wondering whether it was a mistake to order based on what others have ordered. I thought of having the beef short ribs but decided to get macaroni and cheese instead as I thought it looked good in other people’s reviews. Same for the cornbread. We silently kicked ourselves after seeing a heaping plate of buffalo wings being served at another table. Maybe it was a night of wrong orders. Not that the dishes we had were all bad, but definitely could have been better.


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