Taipei: Fu Ba Wang Zhu Jiao (富霸王豬腳)

I am not sure if I should write about this place because it is so ridiculously good and always crowded. Not to mention, it is cheap too. If I live in Taipei, I may specifically opt to live around this shop so that I can eat it every day. Nevermind the fact I morph into a fat lady! Of course, this is purely the opinion of someone who loves to eat braised pork leg, especially the gelatinous tendon portions and skin. If you are not a fan of such things (like Fat Man), then this post totally don’t apply to you. I understand, not everyone knows the good things they miss out in life.

Fu Ba Wang Zhu Jiao (Fu Ba) is situated in a nondescript back alley, hence it may take a while for you to find it. When I saw photos of this place I know I have to try it since this is one dish that Taiwan is famous for. I was not disappointed. We ordered quickly at the entrance and was seated. There was no queue (probably due to the typhoon) but the shop was quite crowded. The braised pork leg here is divided into 3 sections – 腿蹄 (front portion with hoof), 腿節 (middle portion with the most tendon) and 腿扣 (top portion with meat). Although it was only 1ish, the meaty portion of the pork leg was already sold out.  Nevertheless, I order the middle and front portion of the leg. I dug into my rice with braised sauce enthusiastically. Oh man, it is good. The rice is so fragrant with the addition of the sauce. I attacked the leg happily while Fat Man ate the braised beancurd and egg (Those were good too). His loss, not mine! The legs were braised to perfection, and very very tender. There was a sliver of meat which Fat Man said was awesome. We need to come back earlier to try their 腿扣  soon!!! The miso soup is quite forgettable, a little too sweet for our liking. I saw some people commented that their bamboo shoot soup is pretty good though. I think I will make a point to come here every time I visit Taipei.


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