Taipei: Ice Monster (冰馆)

The first time we came was on a Sunday afternoon. Big mistake. The queue was at least 20 people strong and steadily building up. Unwilling to wait (it was starting to rain as well), we ordered a takeaway and got our shaved ice within 5 minutes plus a 10% discount as well. Nice. Actually ordering a takeaway may be a better option as dining in requires a minimum charge of TWD120 per pax. This would mean that we have to order 2 portions which is totally impossible to finish. We ate our bubble tea ice while looking at the people queue to get in. Poor buggers. The ice was delicious! The strong taste of milk tea hits you in the first bite, but gradually lessens. Eat it together with the chewy pearls and pudding and you get a cooling deconstructed milk tea in solid form. Quite genius I think.

We came the second time on a week day and there was no queue. We got the mango shaved ice, which was not as good as the bubble tea version. The honeydew ice I got was also quite forgettable. I saw many table ordering the mango avalanche instead so maybe we should have gotten that. Next time!


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