Taipei Night Market: Ning Xia Ye Shi (寧夏夜市)


No visit to Taipei is complete without going to their many night markets. Selling a huge variety of food al fresco, these hawkers are at the mercy of typhoons and rain. Sadly, we only had a chance to visit one night market in this trip. Ning Xia Ye Shi is not very big, and situated quite near Ximending where we stayed. We didn’t eat a lot that night, but 2 special dishes worth mentioning was the bbq chicken cutlet and fried taro balls. Huge slabs of chicken deep fried till partially cooked, then barbecued over charcoal grill and brushed with teriyaki sauce. After it is done, it will be sprinkled with hot sauce (optional) and sesame seeds. I think Fat Man is still dreaming of the chicken cutlet till this date.  The taro balls here are also very famous. There is usually a long queue for it but I was lucky there was nobody (probably because it was a Monday) in line when I bought. Mashed taro ball stuffed with a salted egg yolk and pork floss, deep fried till it is golden brown. Wow. What a genius idea! I regret only eating one (I needed to leave space for other food that night). Below are some of the other food we tried and saw during our pigging out session.


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