Singapore: 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken (Ion Orchard)

This KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) place definitely gives the real KFC a run for its money. Then again, other than the fact that both fast food restaurant serves fried chicken, the similarity stops there. 4 Fingers serve Korean style fried chicken that is fried to order, and slathered with garlic soy or spicy sauce. The  chicken comes piping hot and can be ordered as a meal with fries and a drink. Although this shop has been in Ion Orchard for quite some time, I somehow never bothered to try it. Just last Saturday, I decided to give it a shot. I got the 3 drumstick set while mom went for the chicken wrap. We waited a little less than 10 minutes for our meal to be ready.

The chicken came in a cute little tin and arranged neatly next to the fries. As expected, they were still hot and crispy. I definitely prefer this type of fried chicken as compared to KFC style, which has a thick coating of batter. This is a lot less oily (and sinful) in comparison. The garlic soy flavor has a sweet aftertaste and the garlic flavor is not discernible. The spicy version is not spicy at all, to me at least. Mom did not really like the chicken wrap as it was served cold. She was expected a hot wrap with fried chicken. Also, there were more salad greens than chicken in the wrap. It comes with a salsa like dip that adds a nice tang to  the wrap. Still not something we will order again though. We spied the adjacent table having a chicken burger that looked really good as well and made a mental note to get that the next time instead. Will definitely come back again to satisfy my craving.


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