Taipei: Unza Omom (杏桃鬆餅屋)

I think the name of this cafe sounds very cute (try saying it), in mandarin it literally means apricot pancake house. Situated in a quiet street behind Zhong Xiao East road, this Japanese style cafe was quite busy when we dropped by in the late afternoon. The server reminded us that we could only sit around till 6pm, which was fine with us. Fat Man is not someone who can walk and shop vigorously the whole day through so usually I will plan some cafe pit stop for him to rest his fat ass and refuel up. Being a huge fan of pancakes, I can’t resist coming here when I saw pictures of their souffle pancakes. Oh my, how fluffy!

We came here after walking around Taipei 101. It was around 3+ in the afternoon so the cafe was around half full. The staff mentioned that we were only allowed to sit till 6 and that was fine with us as we had other places to go after this. After plopping ourselves on the seats, we scanned through the menu. I quickly decided on the souffle pancakes. Seeing that the price of 2 pancakes was only marginally higher than 1, the Fat Lady in me opted for 2. All pancakes come with a standard drink. I opted for tea while he had coffee. As they prepare the pancakes upon order, mine too much longer than Fat Man’s grilled banana pancakes. His pancakes also came with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. The dainty stack of pancakes were pretty good, but we found it pretty odd that there was no accompanying maple syrup. I would think that is the standard for eating pancakes. Still, the waitress gave us a (very tiny) jar upon our request. Finally came my long awaited souffle pancakes! They sat tall and wobbly, stacking one on top of the other. I pierced my fork in and took a bite. The crust was still crispy! It is really more of a cake than a pancake I think. Again, I was given a minuscule jar of maple syrup for 2 thick pieces of pancake. The souffle pancakes were noticeably denser after cooling down. We didn’t manage to finish both as it was way too much. I think this place is a must visit for pancake lovers, but I definitely want to try other places next time.

We waddled out of the place with full bellies. Time for a nap!


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