Taipei: Kanpai Classic (老乾杯)

I know that Fat Man loves Japanese BBQ and chose to here to celebrate his 3Xth (a secret, he says) birthday after some extensive research on bbq places in Taipei. Under the Kanpei Group, there are quite a few different Kanpei restaurants, ranging from the casual (and cheaper) bar to the full fledged restaurant. We opted to eat at the Kanpai Classic restaurant in Da An area, which is located in a quiet street peppered with restaurants.

The restaurant decor was quite warm, and we were served by a friendly waiter who was very eager to recommend all the expensive dishes to us. Since it was Fat Man’s birthday, I ordered the wagyu ribeye, which was the most expensive beef item in the menu. The chef brought out the whole slab of beef, and cut it to your desired thickness. We also ordered a large portion of 4-beef combo, which comprised of 4 types of beef.  In addition, we got a 3 chicken combo, baked sweet potato with cheese and cold soba. The beef was so good! We thought that the combo beef set was already good enough. Needless to say the wagyu ribeye was awesome! It was very tender and flavorful on its own, without the need to dip in any sauce.

I also liked the chicken combo, and thought the grilled cartilage was especially yummy. Fat Man ate quite a fair bit of the sweet potato with cheese but I only took a nibble as I wanted to concentrate on eating the grill beef. The sesame dip for the cold soba had the additional of bonito shavings, which is quite an unusual combination (first time i have it) and I really liked it. Apparently the plain rice here is also a must order but it was sold out that night. The mistake for us was over-ordering. It seems like Taiwanese people have really large appetites in general (the waiter thought what we ordered was too little), we couldn’t finish our beef which was such a waste!  Considering the quality and amount of food we got, the price we paid wasn’t very high. I will definitely look forward to coming back here, but be more careful on the ordering!




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