Taipei: 樂子the Diner


Seems like most people come to the Diner for their all day breakfast items, which looked very inviting. Think huge portions of eggs and pancakes. This is after all an American style diner. Somehow, we didn’t quite feel like having breakfast items the day we visited. Instead, we tried out their lunch menu which was pretty decent as well. For drinks, we both got an iced tea each. Free flow! Though quite irrelevant since the huge cup was more than enough for us. Fat Man got a burger with a side of sweet potato fries while I chose the spaghetti bolognese. I think there was easily 2 sweet potatoes in that portion of fries. Ridiculously generous. Do people really finish their meals here??! My bolognese was quite okay too, even though the spaghetti was slightly overcooked. We took our time to finish our food and waiting for the passing rain to stop. Lazy afternoon in Taipei. Bliss, really.



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