Singapore: Bochinche

Happy birthday to ME! Both J and I have this agreement that we both get to choose a nice place for dinner during our birthday months. Not that we usually eat at very shabby places. Just that for birthday, we tend to put in extra thought as to where to go. Since both our birthdays are in October, that means 2 special dinners in a month. Woohoo! For this year, I chose Bochinche, which is the newest Argentinean restaurant in Singapore. The last time I had Argentine food was at Salta, which I didn’t quite enjoy. Hence, I didn’t put in too much hopes in having a good dinner here.

However, I am happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised during my visit. Bochinche emphasises on small sharing plates so do not expect big portions here. This small sharing plate concept seems to be the most popular thing in new restaurant these days. Being Fat Lady, I very much prefer big sharing plates. After all, when you say “share”, how can you do that if the portion is small? At least, that is what I think. While waiting for J to arrive, I took the liberty to have a cocktail named 15 Forever first. It was quite yummy and reminded me of a pina colada. I could have easily drunk a jug of it. We took some time to decide on what to order as the waiter was telling us on one hand that practically everything there is a must order, yet it could be too heavy if we get this and that. In the end we decided on the grilled provoleta cheese, pig head croquettes and empanadas for starters, as well as the asparagus salad with poached egg. The grilled cheese was exceptionally good, with a sprinkle of almonds and honey. Eat it warm and gooey, or with a side serving of bread. We were happy nibbling it on its own. The empanadas were like the Argentinean version of curry puffs. I prefer the ones with beef fillings as compared to the chicken ones.

Pig head croquettes, scary as they sound, are indeed made of the meat from pig’s head, minced up and deep fried. They are good, except the portion is ridiculously  tiny. No go for me. The burger we order was alright, slightly on the dry side. I couldn’t taste much of the chimmichurri sauce either. At this point in time, we got another cocktail Spicy Lolita. The house chips, which were supposed to be awesome, tasted quite meh to us. Maybe it is because I prefer skinny fries, and these chips were tasteless! Maybe the kitchen forget to add salt. Thank god the dessert didn’t fail us. Our creme brulee with banana ice cream was spot on. There are some hits and misses in this place, but I won’t completely write it off as some of the dishes are quite promising.


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