Beijing: The Opposite House

I was in Beijing for 2 weeks in October and stayed at the Opposite House. Located in the very hip Sanlitun area, the hotel is the sister hotel of the Upper House in Hong Kong. The hotel is very dark at night, due to the lack of lighting and the room uses some hi-tech lighting system which I feel is quite impractical as well. Due to the major use of wooden interiors, the shower area shows signs of wear and tear, the walls are abit mouldy too! In fact, on the second week, I spied mushrooms growing in the corner of the shower area which were not removed until I made a complaint 2 days later. So much for a 5 star hotel.

Opposite House also did not sound proof their rooms enough. Every morning I will hear my neighbor’s blinds going up (electronic), and the traffic on the roads can be quite a nuisance too. During the weekends, music from the surrounding bars can disturb you from a good night’s rest as well. Overhyped and underwhelmed is how I describe this place. Will be coming back next April for work again. Definitely not looking forward.


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