Hong Kong: Top Grade Hotpot (上品火鍋料理)

In Singapore, we call this steamboat. Over in Hong Kong, they call it hot pot. You say to-mah-to, I say to-meh-to. I recalled when I asked Fat Man whether he likes steamboat, and he gave me that look of confusion asking me what it was. I was horrified. After clearing up the confusion, we had a good laugh over it.

This is our absolute favourite hot pot place in Hong Kong. At least for now, till we find another better place. Top Grade has two shops, the first and hugely popular one is in Tin Hau, but we prefer this one at Causeway Bay. Usually, we come after 1030pm as there is a 40% discount for limited items after that. Still, the bill can come up to around HKD600 for 2. Our benchmark for hot pot is usually freshness of the food and how good the soup base is. Top Grade definitely tops both categories. Usually freshness of food is not difficult to find, as long as you go to a decent hot pot place. However, it is hard to find a place with good soup bases. We have tried at least 3 or 4 soup bases here and they never fail to please. Nowadays, we usually go for the satay base and numbing mala (medium spice!) soup base.

Fat Man loves the rolled up beef slices (in picture above) while I prefer the local sliced beef. There are quite a few different types to choose from, so it should cater to most people’s preferences. We also like to order their uber fresh salmon sashimi as starters. It may sound odd to mix hot pot with sashimi but believe me it works! There are lots of other sashimi options available. Their platters are quite a steal if you have a big group of friends. I recommend corn and chinese cabbage to cover your veggie intake. The corn here is very sweet! In terms of dumplings, I am in favor of the fish skin dumplings (sounds scary but they are really good), as well as their house made squid paste (a big ball of squid paste which you can scrap bit by bit into the soup, turning into instant squid balls). Top Grade also have some cooked dishes to choose from. The golden tofu bricks are a definite must try item. Weather is turning chilly in Hong Kong, what better time to have some good hot pot eh?


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