Hong Kong: Blue Butcher

I insisted on having something grand during my October trips to Hong Kong since it was my birthday. Initially settled for Caprice, but decided to switch to brunch at Blue Butcher instead. We have been to Blue Butcher for dinner once, but was not quite impressed by the place, despite rave reviews from many others. Still, I am a sucker for good brunches and the restaurant once again piqued my interest after I saw the pictures of their brunch offerings.

Blue Butcher offers semi-brunch buffet, with a selection of starters at the buffet table plus mains and dessert from the brunch menu (HKD390++). There are at least 5 types of good quality salads available. Think Caesar salad, parma ham with watermelon and rocket, as well as mozzarella with tomato. After having your fill of veggie, you can also snack on some oysters and prawns chilling on a bed of ice. However, the stock runs out quickly and they don’t replenish the oysters often. The oysters here are very fresh, but not fat enough. There are also two cooking stations, where you get pan fried foie gras on toast and waffles made to order. Yep. All the foie gras you can eat. I noted alot of pple just eating the foie gras and chucking the toast. I wish they had enough common sense to just ask for the foie gras instead of wasting perfectly good food. I had very high expectations for waffles and was quite disappointed as the version here is too dense for our liking. The chocolate sauce was really odd and diluted (yucks) so take it at your own risk!

For our mains, we chose the poached eggs on toast and their wagyu burger with shoestring fries. For the burger, there is an additional HKD80 charge. The toast was not bad, the eggs, mushroom and parma ham is quite a fail-proof formula. Shoestring fries are my favourite type of fries so this was a thumbs-up from me. I like the fact that they toasted the fluffy bun (everyone should do it!) before assembling the burger. Other than that, it was a very typical burger with cheese and pickles, nothing too special. As compared to Urban Bakery’s version, I say Blue Butcher’s burger is one notch below them.

Desserts were a big disappointment. We got the strawberry shortcake and chocolate bread and butter pudding with rum ice cream. The shortcake was quite dry and crumbly, and came with a very poor cream sauce of some sort. Urgh. The chocolate bread and butter pudding with rum ice cream was slightly better. At least the rum ice cream was quite yummy. Still I blame this poor choice on Fat Man since he insisted on getting the pudding even though I reminded him that he doesn’t like it. Tsk.


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