Hong Kong: Ovolo @ Shek Pai Wan

This is the second time we stayed at this hotel, the first being last year before they renovated. Our first visit wasn’t all that great, as the shower had no hot water, I fell ill and the room was too bright as they only had blinds instead of proper curtains…..etc. Still, we decided to give it a second chance as the hotel went through a major renovation. The reviews on TripAdvisor was pretty good too. However, I am sad to say that the hotel still didn’t quite cut it for me. The room is still way too bright, thanks to their hare brain design to have windows in the bathroom, which illuminates the bedroom through the frosted glass door. I was awake at the break of dawn as it was so bright. Also, we could hear all our neighbors actions from talking to walking around and slamming the doors. Traffic noise is also audible in the room.

Of course, everybody mentioned about how great that this is an all inclusive hotel so you can have everything in the mini bar and even bring home the bedroom slippers if you like. Well I don’t think its a big deal because a hotel’s very basic purpose is to provide their guests a good night’s sleep and this was definitely not fulfilled in our case. Besides, I can always get my snacks and drinks from a convenience store so what’s the big deal?! Take note that the rooms here are tiny, unless you can splurge out on their 1 bedroom (which I think ain’t huge either). Considering the fact that I paid around SGD200 (after taxes) per night here, and it is not even in city, I think it is quite expensive. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. So never again for us.


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