Beijing: The Middle-8th Restaurant (中8楼)

The first time we tried to come here for dinner without booking was a big mistake. We were told that the wait was at least half an hour long. We walked off and ended up eating at some lousy american bar. Having learnt our lesson, we made a booking the next day. There are two seatings for dinner, either at 630pm – 8pm or from 8pm onwards. We chose the latter as we leave the office quite late.


The restaurant was huge! I was quite surprised when the waiter brought us through the whole restaurant to get to a table at some corner behind the main area. The menu was very extensive and we were totally spoiled for choice. However, the biggest draw for me were the dishes with worms. Yep, worms! Insect dishes are something I always wanted to try, at least once. Maybe not every insect, not a cockroach for sure. I ordered the fried silk worms (I think) tossed with stir fried sprouts which my boss politely declined to try. The worms (scary as they look) are really not too bad. The taste is a little like anchovy, with a nutty flavor to it. I would eat it again.

We ordered quite a lot of dishes from the menu, but I will not go through all of them. One of the stellar dishes was the bbq fish wrapped in banana leaves. My boss loved the dish, citing that the spices used remind him of his childhood dish. The fish was succulent and juicy, as wrapping it retains its moisture well. I can detect some We also liked the spiced roasted pork belly starter. The pork belly is sliced then roasted individually and topped with spices. There also bits of roasted egg plant that gave it an unusual flavor. Not too sure if the food here is considered authentic Yunnan cuisine (I doubt it since there was some baked pork balls with cheese in the menu), but the food was very well presented and delicious so it is definitely worth a try.


2 thoughts on “Beijing: The Middle-8th Restaurant (中8楼)

    1. These are not very even though they were fried beforehand. Probably cos they toss it with the veggies after that and got soft. But they really taste much better than I expected! I would eat it again!

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