Brisbane: Eat Street Markets + Containervale Festival 2013

Eat Street Markets is a new night market which opened at Northshore on 8th November. I was lucky to spot it on Urban List and decided to head over on the opening night after work. Night markets are quite new concepts to Australia since most shops close by 5pm (other than on Thursdays). In Asia, this is fairly common so it is interesting to see that Australia is slowly opening up to possibility of having more night activities (other than going to clubs). I reached the venue around 7-ish, and the place was beginning to get packed. There were stalls selling food from all around the world, as well as pop-up shops in containers open for exhibitions or selling their wares. As I was alone, I didn’t really try out much of the food (the hungarian pancake looked interesting). I had an ice cream from L!ck that was very good, as well as some roast chicken. This place is definitely worth a visit if you are in Brisbane.


2 thoughts on “Brisbane: Eat Street Markets + Containervale Festival 2013

  1. You’re lucky that night markets are starting to gain popularity over there! Here in Southern California, we only have them for a few weekends in the summer. But the crowds have only been increasing so hopefully we’ll have more next year.

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