Beijing: Jing Yaa Tang (京雅堂)

Jing Yaa Tang is one of the restaurants in the Opposite House which I am a big fan of. It is a very new restaurant, which just opened in Q3 of 2013. Ironically, even though I have tried many of the dishes here, I have not physically been to the restaurant before. This is because I usually order the food via room service during my stay in Beijing. It is great to come back after a hard day’s work and be able to eat a decent dinner in the comfort of my own room. The food here is mostly good, and some of my favorites include:


Spicy chicken (川椒霸王鸡): Slivers of chicken fillet that is deep fried and tossed with dried chilies, coriander and peppercorns. The chicken is very tender and juicy, but the dish is not as spicy as it looks. Absolute favorite.


Si Xi Kao Fu (四喜烤麸): A very common shanghainese dish, that is usually served as an appetizer. This is a sweet vegetarian dish made of

Braised pork belly: As seen above, cubes of very fatty pork belly braised till tender in a sweet savory soy sauce. The accompanying sweet potatoes were very soft and soaked up the sauce nicely. Bring on the rice please!

Saliva chicken (口水鸡): I guess having such iconic Chinese dish is best eating it from the source itself. This is definitely the best version I ever had so far. Very spicy and fragrant, a perfect appetizer. 



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