Beijing: Karaiya Spice House (辣屋)

I guess that the name of this restaurant kind of gave you the idea what kind of food will be served here. At least 80% of the menu here (excluding drinks) are spicy food so for people who can’t take the heat, forget about coming here. There is really no point. You can have a drink, I suppose.

It was a good thing that both my boss and I enjoy spicy food, so we were quite excited when we saw the menu. After much deliberation, we got mostly meat base dishes. I knew that the Karaiya signature ribs were a definite must order, after seeing how it looks in other people’s blog. It was a huge rack, uncut and piled with spices, chilies and peanuts. If I were at home, I would have dug in with my hands. The meat was fall off the bone tender, so it wasn’t difficult to just scrap it off and eat it in a civilized manner. The rice they serve here is cooked in a bamboo made cup, so that the rice is supposed to be infused with bamboo scent.


Another lovely dish worth mention was baked cod with black bean sauce. However, from the picture below you can tell that the main star here is again the dried chilies. The smear of black bean on top was more of a decorative purpose. Despite the presentation, the dish was not very spicy though. The cod was done just right. We also loved the lamb cutlets, which was more of an appetizer since there were only 2 pieces. To fulfil our daily veggie intake, we order the salad with sesame sauce. This was just a bed of lettuce drenched in sesame sauce. Nothing too special, but it certainly takes away the heat if your mouth is on fire.

We both agreed that we will definitely come back again the next time we are in Beijing. The prices here are slightly steeper than the usual restaurants, but still very affordable as compared to the ones I had in Singapore. In terms of quality, it would definitely be hard to get something like this back home.



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