Brisbane: Pablo

After having breakfast here one Saturday morning, the thought that came into my mind was: fancy sh*t. Not because this place is some fine dining restaurant with a dress code and stuff. Just that the description of each dish is like a mini paragraph of its own, with descriptions like ‘double smoked Barossa speck bacon’, ‘Lirah caramelised balsamic reduction’, ‘pink lake salt’… Eh okay. As long as it tastes good. I guess nowadays having just normal bacon and sea salt ain’t enough to shine amongst the growing number of cafes in Brisbane. Not that Pablo needs to worry about this as they are wildly popular. As I was there very early (before 8am), it wasn’t too difficult to get a seat but the place was already more than half full.

After glancing through the menu, I order a double latte and their smoked salmon with toast and scrambled eggs. Oh, the smoked salmon came with shaved cucumber and caper and herb pickle. The scrambled eggs have dill in it, while the seeded peasant toast was accompanied by a smoked tomato compote. Try saying that in one breath.

The coffee was pretty good, smooth and strong (thanks to the double shot). The meal itself was pretty decent too, although the seeded peasant toast (sourdough variety) may not be for everybody. Personally I would be happy with simple multi-grain toast (non-sourdough). The smoked tomato compote went very well with the salmon and toast (though I didn’t know it was smoked tomato till I read the menu again just now). The food is good, but I prefer Shucked and Cirque. Hence, I probably won’t venture here again unless I am heading to Jan Power’s Farmers Market at New Farm.



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