Brisbane: Alfredo’s Pizzeria

The last time I was in Brisbane in May, there was only Alfred & Constance. Fast forward to now, there are 2 more restaurants in the Valley from the good people of A&C. Alfredo’s Pizzeria is situated right next to A&C and shares their kitchen. As their name suggests, this place mainly serves pizzas, a few pastas and some sides. Of course, there will be some signature desserts as well which A&C does very well.

Sadly Alfredo’s doesn’t live up to my expectations. I got pizzas from there on 3 occasions and the results were quite inconsistent. The first time, I went to Alfredo’s on a Saturday night and it was packed. The ambiance was really good, with groups of people talking, music blasting and smells of freshly made pizza wafting. I like it. I opted to takeaway Brown Sugar pizza, and waited impatiently for it to be ready. When I got back to the hotel, I eagerly opened the box and was disappointed to find a half charred pizza. Clearly (as seen in the photo below), the pizza was not cooked properly, with half the pizza charred to bits and the other half with a pale crust. The ingredients on the pizza were delicious, but the half charred pizza base and crust was a total let down.

Despite of the disappointing first time, I ordered delivery from Alfredo’s the subsequent week and got the Red Hot Chili Peppers pizza and a rocket, radicchio and pecorino salad. The accompanying lemon vinaigrette which went superbly salad and I polished that off quickly. The pizza was pretty good too, though the description of ‘inferno salami’ topping was a bit of an exaggeration. Also, the base was could use abit more sauce. Still, at least the pizza was baked to perfection with a nice and crispy crust.

Happy with my delivery, I order yet another delivery the next day. I got The Boss pizza, which is really just a pepperoni pizza and the same salad again. When I got the invoice, I was very annoyed to realise that they charged me for the more expensive grilled peach salad but gave me the rocket one. It was too late by then as I paid by credit card. Also, the delivery guy just left my orders with the hotel reception so I did not have the chance to tell them the mistake. Argh. Again, the pizza was dry as there was not enough sauce.

Perhaps I had too much expectations due to my experience at A&C, the potential is definitely  there, but Alfredo’s need some tweaking to ensure that the results are more consistent.


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