Brisbane: Food choices in Toowong

My office in Brisbane is in Toowong, so breakfast and lunch are usually spent around the area. There are quite a few choices but I am a creature of (boring) habit so I usually only go to a few places. Here are some of my recommendations:


Sushi 79: This is my first choice for lunch as Japanese food is much lighter compared to other options. The food here is decent and not too expensive. I will usually go for the soup udon with a small serving of salmon sushi roll. That should set me back about AUD15. I also tried their massive dragon roll, which was not bad but way too much for lunch.


Renu Thai: Aussie style thai place that is not authentic but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. Besides, I tried several thai places in Australia and they are all pretty much the same. Order the tom yum goong at your own risk. Mine came with bean sprouts, bell peppers, carrots, chinese cabbage and bamboo shoot. Aussie style thai places always come with odd combinations of veggies which is very un-thai. They have delicious spring rolls though. The curries are quite safe too, just don’t expect it to be spicy.

Newsroom Cafe: This is where I usually go for my morning caffeine fix. Their coffees are quite decent, and there is always a queue during breakfast and lunch hours. So far, I have also tried their toast selection (white, multigrain and fruit & nut). They have a good range of breakfast and lunch items, which suit people who can afford to sit down and enjoy. I usually do takeaways. Do get their coffee card as you get 1 free with every 5 purchase.

Toowong Shopping Centre food court: When I eat here, the phrase “its so bad that its good” comes to mind. It reminds me of how lucky I am in Singapore where the crappiest things at a hawker centre will taste better than the stuff here. The bakery in the shopping centre is okay, you can get some fresh bread and scones to start your day.

If all the above fails, there is always Mac Donalds!


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