Brisbane: Chester Street: Bakery & Bar


Another venture by the good people behind Alfred & Constance. Seems like the A&C people are building up a little empire in Fortitude Valley. Not that I am complaining since I will be staying in this area every time I drop by Brisbane. Chester Street B&B is a bakery in the day, and transforms into a bar at night. I think that it is an awesome idea. All the breads and pastries are made in house here, including the desserts at A&C and Alfredo’s.


I dropped by for a pizza takeaway during dinner one night. Looking at their shelves of dessert, I couldn’t resist and ended up getting a chocolate roulade with raspberry cream as well. I really liked the pepperoni pizza I order. Unlike the inconsistent results at Alfredo’s, the execution here was spot on. I also got to see the chef make it in front of me as the wood-fired oven is situated out of the kitchen. He lazily tossed the dough a few times before slathering it with tomato sauce, then topping with mozzarella and pepperoni. As seen in the photo below, the crust is perfectly baked and still crispy by the time I got back. When it comes to desserts, I have nothing but good things to say about the cakes here since they are same source as A&C. This is really how a cake should be, not with fancy mousse, crunchy nougat or whatever. Just give me a slab of moist cake with some cream please!

Breakfast items here are well done too. I came on a Saturday morning and it was full. Apparently they start breakfast at 8am and not 830am as indicated in their website. Hence, to avoid crowds, do come early. I ordered a french toast with honey marscapone and berries. It was good, and I couldn’t ask for more. Coffee was alright too. There were lots of tarts and breads which I was tempted to buy but did not, as I was too full from breakfast. Will definitely come back again the next time, bacon roll is the top to try item on my list!



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