Hong Kong: Yat Lok Barbeque Restaurant (一樂燒臘飯店)

This restaurant is located in Tai Po, and should not be confused with the Yat Lok at Central, although they are opened by the same family. Fat Man and I have been to the Central shop several times and we can’t say enough good things about it. The roast goose there is always top notch, and also cheaper than Yung Kee, which is located in the next street. In fact, I would say Yat Lok’s goose is better than Yung Kee too.

Anyway, we drop by on a Saturday afternoon for lunch at the Yat Lok (Tai Po). Although this place is very near Fat Man’s house, he has never been here before either. Clearly, he isn’t very aware of all the good food around Tai Po. I had a craving for suckling pig and roasted goose so I order a 2 combo with rice, while Fat Man had char siew and roast goose combo. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was given a goose leg (yay!) with a generous slab of suckling pig on a mountain of rice. We dug into our food without much ado and was quiet for a few minutes. Lift my head up for air, I exclaimed how good the food was. This is definitely worthy of a Michelin star (or 2) but obviously, the Michelin judges aren’t gonna venture out of their comfort zone in Central / Causeway Bay / TST to come all the way into New Territories for a humble plate of roasted goose with rice.


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