Bangkok: Chinatown, Day & Night

Bangkok Chinatown is situated in Yaowarat, and is a definite must visit for all. In the day, Chinatown is a bustling of trade activity, as the shops are mostly wholesale sellers, peddling anything and everything imaginable, from toys to stationery, shoes to hair accessories. There are also lots of street hawkers eager to sell you fresh fruit, drinks, a quick snack for breakfast, or even a thai raffle ticket. The alleys are narrow and very warm, especially in the afternoon so be prepared to sweat!

As night time sets in, the shops close and the street hawkers are out in full force. Stalls are set up along the street of Yaowarat, selling Chinese delicacies like sharks’ fins and fish maw soup, birds’ nest, seafood and Thai-Chinese dishes like mixed pig innards with rice foodles, vermicelli with crab stew etc. Do try durians from the famous lady with gold finger (see picture below), though my mom thought it was nothing special (I have a picture of her making a face and saying no in front of her stall).  It is impossible to try everything in one night. Stock up on thai snacks from the many 林真香 (and replicas) shops along the road before catching a tuk tuk home.



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