Hong Kong: 66 Hotpot (陆陆鸡煲)

I had a really huge craving for spicy chicken pot when I dropped by Hong Kong and decided to drag Fat Man to 66 Hotpot in Mong Kok, after doing some research on where to go. This place is ridiculously crowded, and only does reservations until 10pm as there is a 20% discount after that. In addition, we were only allowed to dine for 1.5 hours. That usually wouldn’t be a problem if we were seated promptly. We came on time at 930pm for our table but waited at least 15 minutes before we could be seated. Yet at 1045pm, we were reminded that we need to vacate our table by 11. Huh???

We ordered a half chicken pot in medium level spice, which was just right for us. The chicken was very tender and fragrant from the addition of all the sichuan spices. We quickly polished off the chicken (at the same time sipping cold tea to counter the heat). After that, we added some soup to the pot and voila! An immediate conversion to hot pot! The sliced beef we ordered was pretty good but the squid balls, which was supposed to be their recommended dish was quite a disappointment. The balls had an artificial taste to them, despite having chunks of squid inside.

We paid our bill a little before 11pm as we did not want to be asked to leave. There were at least 10 people waiting in the cold for a seat. Not too sure if we want to return as we do not really like to  rush through our food (especially when having hot pot). The chicken pot here is worth a try, but I am still in the look out for better ones!


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